Accelerating Angels Announces Investment in DASI Simulations

COLUMBUS, Ohio – May 3, 2024 – Accelerating Angels, an angel investment fund and network giving women-owned startup companies the capital they need to scale their businesses, has selected the recipient of its third investment. Columbus-based DASI Simulations helps physicians and patients by using AI and predictive modeling to visualize the interaction between various devices and the patient’s unique anatomy ahead of cardiac surgery.

Reflecting on the group’s commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs, Cindi Englefield, co-founder of Accelerating Angels, shared her enthusiasm for supporting groundbreaking work like DASI’s. “Cultivating innovation is about more than backing a product. It’s about investing in visionary women who redefine the landscape,” Englefield said. “We’re thrilled to invest in DASI, a pioneering healthcare company co-founded by a woman who exemplifies the spirit of ingenuity and empowerment.”

DASI founder Teri Sirset lost her father to heart valve disease when he was 67. The experience fueled her passion to found the company in 2020. Witnessing the complications her father endured after two unsuccessful heart surgeries ignited a strong desire in her to improve patient outcomes. DASI addresses a critical need in structural heart care: patient-specific pre-procedural planning. This innovative medtech solution empowers physicians to anticipate potential challenges during surgery, ultimately aiming to reduce complications and improve patient well-being. Sirset is deeply motivated to see DASI become a standard in heart care, preventing countless families from experiencing the loss and hardship her family endured.

“We are thrilled to be selected as a portfolio company by Accelerating Angels. Its commitment to fostering and empowering women-led businesses is truly inspiring,” said Sirset, who is also DASI’s president and CEO. “We are grateful for the opportunity to join its impressive network, and we look forward to a successful collaboration.” 

DASI Simulations enters into partnership with Accelerating Angels as it scales its latest product, Precision TAVI, which recently received FDA clearance. 

This investment is Accelerating Angels’ third, following investments in SureImpact, a technology solution helping nonprofit leaders measure and increase social impact, and Groupize, a meeting and event management solution. The two were chosen from among more than 267 applicants seeking capital investment in exchange for equity. The goal of Accelerating Angels Fund I, LLC is to invest an average check size of $100,000 in 20 or more diverse companies. 


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