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DASI Simulations performs advanced individualized computational predictive modeling powered by artificial intelligence and computer vision to better plan for improved patient outcomes and reduced costs associated with Structural Heart Disease.

Founder's Story

By fortunate circumstances, I mean meeting Dr. Lakshmi Prasad Dasi, an associate professor of biomedical engineering and surgery at The Ohio State University (OSU), at a trade show in 2018. Dr. Dasi and his team walked by my booth where I was marketing mock vessels of the heart and aortic system. Dr. Dasi's students wore OSU shirts and carried OSU backpacks.

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“I am all things Buckeye,” I said. My daughter graduated from OSU in 2018, so I felt an immediate connection. I engaged Dr. Dasi, demonstrating how he could use my silicon models in his experiments.

Dr. Dasi had been using the silicone products in his lab for about a year when I visited to understand better how the silicone models fit into his work. He pulled up a raw PowerPoint of the technology he had developed using the vessels I sold to him and then he asked, “Do you know anyone who might want to start a company with me?”

For me, helping improve outcomes for patients with heart disease felt personal. My father passed away at age 67 after two unsuccessful heart surgeries. There was something inside of me wanting to do this. It was like my dad was standing over my shoulder giving me executive courage.

With my business experience and Dr. Dasi’s clinical expertise, it did not take long to realize what a great team we would be. We formed DASI Simulations in December 2019. Then, COVID-19 hit, and the world around us stopped. We, however, did not stop. We worked continuously night and day by Zoom making something very special out of an idea and fortunate circumstances. It was by pure serendipity that I met Dr. Lakshmi Dasi and I will be forever grateful.

Teri Sirset

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DASI Simulations is committed to lifelong planning and complication reduction for patients with Heart Valve Disease by providing personalized predictive modeling simulations, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision for surgical pre-planning.

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